Wednesday, August 02, 2006

test-drive issue #2: no categories.

i can pretty much do without categories except for dave.
dave needs to have his own category.

I am swamped with shit and working with a computer about as slow as my ability to get over pre-literate girlfriends with borderline personality disorder.
I found that graphic on the livejournal of a friend of mine and he didn't even write a caption for it, I just fell off the stool at the internet cafe laughing at it.
I actually did have a Christian lady I know complain that an old housemate's love of yoga exposed a "pagan" view toward the body where each organ had its own place in the overall "temple" and I just didn't know what to do except click the IM window shut and never look back.

The devil! The devil is way flexible! Jazzercize the devil away!