Monday, September 18, 2006


i learned how to knit when i was in college, then dropped it to go live. i picked it up again a couple years ago & it's become more important recently because it keeps my mind occupied on individual stitches & creating things as opposed to throwing myself off of things.

i've got 2 new projects to work on & so this weekend my goal was to modify 1 of the patterns, knit up some swatches & learn 2 new techniques. technique #1 (sailed right through it) was fair isle. i'm learning this so i can knit vertical stripes on one of my projects. technique #2 was knitting on which is considered to be "perhaps the simplest cast on" (totally confused by "perhaps the simplest cast on" for almost a day). lastly, 1 of my patterns involves knitting 1 through the back loop which i discovered is fun to repeat in my head while i knit.

i am under the impression that knitting is countering the negative effect san francisco is having on me. it's not winning mind you, but it's keeping me in the game.