Tuesday, January 09, 2007

horizontal reveals.

i'm new to the design thing & A's blog is becoming a great source of information for me. i was intrigued by her mention of 'horizontal reveals'.

truthfully, i liked the way 'horizontal reveals' sounded, but i was also curious about what it meant. she says:

in architecture, reveals are areas where the main finish material has a gap or indentation in it, and the gap can be filled with a metal strip, a plastic strip, tube lighting, grout, or just be left as open air. these gaps can be purely decorative, but are sometimes required due to limitations in the finish material being used ~ i.e. solid wood planks can only be so wide because of the tree's widths, stucco needs areas of breathability, concrete needs expand/contract space. the example on my blog is purely decorative. they can run horizontally or vertically, depending on the designer's choices or the requirements of the materials.

i'm not doing cakes anymore because i've been stuck in the rut of execution-only. i can bake the cakes. i can learn about different sugarcraft techniques & become reasonably proficient at them, but what i can't do is take a design detail & translate it to cake or, for that matter, anything else i'm trying to create. the truth is, i'm not creating anything at all, i'm simply executing techniques learned by practice which is totally unsatisfying.

creative design continues to elude me. i need something to click.