Monday, February 12, 2007

no worries.

i am still drawn to cake, even tho i don't miss doing wedding cakes at all.

i especially don't miss mixing up 500 lbs of swiss meringue buttercream or obsessing with a spackling knife to get the icing on the cake perfectly smooth, with crisp top edges. all of which turned out to be the least of my problems when the wedding cake for 200 cracked & fell just hours before delivery.

so it is in this spirit that i present to you a time-saving, stress-free, cost-effective wedding cake option.

Wedding Cake Airblown Inflatable
* Has built in fan for inflating figure
* Easy Set-Up
* Self Inflates in Seconds

* The item deflates when you unplug the fan
* Easy Storage
* No Assembly Required
* Stands approximately 3 feet tall (0.9M)