Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the rhubarb.

it's back.

last year in the (now-dead) sugarshow blog, i posted about my love for the rhubarb. C had discovered a recipe for brown butter rhubarb cake that was created by a pastry chef in seattle & served at some presidential dinner. C found rhubarb for me on the peninsula & that was how i came to attempt the seattle pastry chef's rhubarb cake which turned out to be a little bit of a fiasco.

assuming you can find it in SF, rhubarb is tremendously expensive & usually in such a bad condition that you wonder why they even bothered to put it out, let alone with that kind of price tag. but today in the market i saw a small stack of very robust rhubarb. expensive but not outrageous, so i bought 6 giant stalks of it.

i'm not going to waste the precious rubies on another recipe test of the seattle pastry chef's cake. so what do i make with it?

classic rhubarb cobbler? rhubarb compote or jam?

rhubarb crumble coffee cake? rhubarb upside down cake?

i need to run this by C.

C will know.