Tuesday, March 20, 2007

sagging bag of rags project.

this mess right here

is my attempt at the magic loop technique, which is used for knitting smaller circumferences on a circular needle.

normally, i knit small circumferences on double points. but double points are a pain in the ass to work with in transit or in public places & since that's where i do most of my knitting, i thought it would be a good idea to learn the magic loop because circular needles are much more portable.

i don't think i have good magic loop technique & for sure i need a cable longer than 24", but it's working so i don't care.

i'm using the magic loop to make a knitted & felted teardrop-shaped liner that will provide the internal support for the sagging bag of rags.

& then there's the sculpey buckle. i have a wooden bead that is the perfect color for the sculpey buckle, but i couldn't figure out what paint mix to use to get that color. i tried ultraviolet + ultramarine blue, but that didn't quite do it. A suggested adding a touch of this

to my mix & i think she may be on to something.

however, now i've run into a problem with the paint not adhering in any permanent way to the sculpey buckle. i need to find out if there's a glaze i should be using or if i can bake the paint onto the buckle without causing a fire in my oven.

oh. yes. --> today i started taking gingko biloba in an effort to "help maintain mental alertness".