Friday, July 13, 2007

i love prada everything.

i wish i was a fashion insider because when i see something i like i would have the resources at my fingertips to post it immediately. but i'm not, so i'm forced to search the internet, come up empty-handed & then stumble upon it months later. for instance i just figured out that the things i like in elle mag are almost impossible to locate on the internet, but they will show up on 2-3 months later. like this orange fendi plexiglass clutch i was looking for awhile back.

i'm embarrassed by the amount of time i spent looking for this thing.

oh. re prada- i love everything prada. especially the fact that she used a lot of knitty for her fall 07 collection- beanies, striped socks, tunics, sweaters, vests, etc. yes.

i just got the 8/07 elle mag & i fell in love with these prada shoes in a different color

& a handbag version of this prada clutch (i'm not really a bow person, but i do love a big giant detail)

source: detail shots from prada's fall '07 runway show at