Wednesday, July 11, 2007

lark cake shop.

this post is going to be an example of how i am not that patient.
sometimes when i get excited about something, i act before thinking & the end result is half-assed & then i have to spend a bunch of time fixing things that could have been easily prevented had i not been so impatient.

i got my DailyCandy LA email today &, even tho i don't live in LA right now, i was really excited to learn about the opening of this cake shop in silver lake.

first of all, i love silver lake because i love Myrna. i came to know about the neighborhood years ago when i started going to Myrna to get my hair done. at the time, Myrna's salon was tiny- just two chairs and sink. since then, it has grown into a bustling gorgeous salon but it still has the same warm energy it did when it was just Myrna and the two chairs.

&, assuming the cakes are as delicious as the decor, i also love a small hip cake shop. quite possibly because despite my post-traumatic cake stress syndrome from the cupcake wedding cake disaster of 2005, i think it would be a dream to open a small hip cake shop of my own.

anyway, i read about the opening of this cake shop in today's DailyCandy LA email. I can't link to DailyCandy LA, nor can I link to the flickr photo album of pix of the shop because the net nanny here at work will not allow me access to either of those sites. Therefore, I'm posting a cut/paste of the email article + a pic i found on the web + a link to lark cake shop's website which doesn't have that much information.

so basically, i'm providing you with not a whole lot of information about the opening of a little cake shop in silver lake where i don't live.

& i will add more links tonite, unless i forget.

DailyCandy Los Angeles

July 11, 2007
To Cakedom Come

L.A. needs another bakery like its denizens need more holes in their heads.

Which is to say, as long as Tommy Lee keeps getting stuff pierced, new purveyors of cakes, cookies, and pies will keep cropping up.

So stop resisting and get down to Lark Cake Shop, the new baked goodery in Silver Lake. With polished concrete floors, mint walls, blond wood accents, and fluffy cupcakes behind the glass, they already fit right in.

Marrying a clean aesthetic with old-fashioned charm, they aim to bake and decorate the tastiest, prettiest cakes in the East. (Like Mom used to make — had she used all-natural ingredients and incorporated candy petals, icing flowers, and mini birdcages into her designs.)
If it’s not cleanly detailed red velvet, chocolate, or carrot layers you’re after, perhaps the piles of classic cookies like chocolate drop, oatmeal, and peanut butter are your speed. And to jolt, go for a La Mill coffee or tea.

Looks like Lark might be another hole in one.

Lark Cake Shop, 3337 West Sunset Boulevard, between Micheltorena Street and Hamilton Way, Silver Lake (323-667-2968).