Thursday, July 10, 2008

can you?

lately i've been intrigued with the idea of combining handknit pieces with fabric to make something wearable. how would you? seems like there'd be several technical aspects to this. like how to sew a chunkier handknit piece to a tightly woven piece of fabric. also what type of fabric would be best? & then there's the overall design of the finished piece which is probably the starting point for the whole process.

i found Eternal Child at Refinery 29. -- the designer, Gul Gurdamar, is from Istanbul. she does this. looks like she's mostly combining fine/delicate machine-knit pieces with sheer fabric in her Fall 08 collection for a nice, feminine effect.

machine-knit is not the same as handknit, but i'm still wondering about the possibilities for handknit....

"Reckless Heart"
article source: Refinery 29

Since its premiere in the spring of 2006, the Eternal Child collection has been noted for its eclectic fine knit structures and unexpected texture combinations. With a background in graphic design, Gurdamar's jacquard prints mark the line's signature style, alongside a seasonally specific woven fabric to complement the knit focus.