Wednesday, July 23, 2008


the New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie article
Mr. Rubin revealed two crucial elements home cooks can immediately add to their arsenal of baking tricks. First, he said, he lets the dough rest for 36 hours before baking.

i won't be testing this recipe recipe myself because a 36 hour chill time is over the top for chocolate chip cookies.

however, i'm weighing in anyway because i've read so many references to people testing this technique & then C performed the test herself.

supposedly, the 36 hour chill time elevates the classic chocolate chip cookie to heights never before seen. C is an excellent baker, so i have every confidence that her results were as the recipe intended. the only thing i can say is that they bake up darker (the article talks about this) & the addition of sea salt is great. other than that, i didn't notice anything different because--

--it's chocolate chip cookies.

seriously. & think about it.