Wednesday, September 17, 2008

bucket. bowler. derby.

it was around this time last year that i was working my way through an obsession with the color plum. i knitted/felted this plum bucket hat to carry me through the plum phase & winter season. warm, fitting perfectly, it surprised me time & again by not blowing off my head with this city's gusty winds, although i had been so sure it would. i'm not looking forward to winter, but at least i get to wear my hat again.

skimming articles today, i happened upon Yang Li (Cloth label), a 20 year old designer based in London, & his design for this bucket hat--

the transparent brim, the material he used for the crown (is it hard felt?), the shape of the crown + the hat band eludes to the bowler (derby) hat which makes this hat all the more intriguing.

honestly, i think i've viewed this photo 100 times today.