Thursday, September 11, 2008

continued in New York.

--silvers, lights, whites & sheers.

**softness from Richard Chai with roll-up trousers in silver & a dress in whispery grey.

vests. they were popping up on the runways & now i'm fixated on them.

**I scope out every single Oscar de la Renta collection for the trousers. They're always elegant, but with a quality of kick ass about them & I hereby define that to mean sophisticated because it sounds much better than the elegant quality of kick ass.

**the silvers, greys & sheers of Malan Breton.

let us especially love this coat.

so much so, that we consider what we could do with a similar piece of fabric we have in our fabric stash right now, if we were so inclined & not knitting 32 things, testing cupcakes & confronting the time when we will have to confront the as-yet-unfinished vogue skirt with the piping detail.

**3.1 Phillip Lim is *the total package*. again. clothes, hair, shoes, makeup, accessories.

I can't tell what the fabric is here. It looks like jersey, but would jersey hold up like that? & I didn't like the belt at first, but then I realized it's only because I don't have the height to pull it off.

these are not my colors at all, but this outfit makes me wish they were.