Monday, November 10, 2008

the 11th hour save.

article/image source: sfgate

source: nymag

it's amazing how able *the collective media* is at infecting & ruining everything & then forgetting all about that while they resuscitate the thing back to life at the 11th hour.

thursday is the big day.

back when the photos of the collection were first released, everyone was elated. then the complaints started rolling in. first it was the anti-H&M cost. then there was the photo of katie holmes wearing the polka-dotted blouse pre-release to the rest of us & then at least one more actress was seen wearing the pieces pre-release (i forget who) & suddenly the CdG for H&M collection that everyone was so jazzed about was a piece of crap that nobody would be caught dead in.

listen. i will be the first to admit that katie holmes was gagging me on a regular basis long before i saw her wearing the CdG for H&M pieces pre-release, so the photo just added insult to injury & made me want to toilet paper her house. all i'm saying is that it would be nice if just once *the collective media* covered some different ground before things actually happen, instead of the whole revere/pan/resuscitate cycle.

while i'm annoyed at *the collective media's* hijinx & hoohaa, i'm not letting them rain on my parade.

we're leaving for H&M on thursday at 9:30am. we are not making a big deal about this. we're just going to taking a general temperature of the situation in front of the H&M store & then we will either get in line or not get in line.

we are not, perhaps, as excited as the tokyo crowd about this (it was released there on 11/7), but we are excited nonetheless.

source: nymag