Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'Tiny Kitchen' Cooking Videos.

Jill Santopietro - recipe tester for the NY Times

To see a 'Tiny Kitchen' video (A Calvados Cocktail), go here.

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Believe it or not, the Times doesn’t have a test kitchen. Instead, recipes are developed and tested in each writer’s home. For me, this means my 11.5-square-foot kitchen. I have no dishwasher, no garbage disposal and just two feet of counter space. My kitchen has crept into the living room, where metro shelving holds plates, pots and appliances. (I use a stepladder daily to pull things down.) Since there is never enough space, I have to purge my kitchen regularly. As a result, the barbers on the first floor of my building love to see me, especially when I cook off my frozen cookie dough. This is the reality of cooking in New York City.

i have a little more than 2 feet of counter space, but our kitchens sound similar. no dishwasher, no garbage disposal, pans & appliances stacked on top of cupboards, space at a premium & i purge my kitchen regularly.

i've been thinking about getting rid of most of my cake decorating pans & tools because i could really use the space for other things. i have no problem getting rid of. i do it all the time- not just to free up space, but because it's liberating to shed the old to make way for the new.

but i'm having real difficulty with the cake tools.

aside from piping tips, parchment rounds, gel paste colors & the basic cake pan sizes, i haven't used the rest of my tools & supplies for quite awhile & i don't see that changing. i'm not through with baking cakes, but i really don't need drawers of specialty gumpaste tools, petal cutters & leaf veiners or 16"/ 18" round cake pans taking up space indefinitely just in case.

they need to go.

now all i have to do is let them.