Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Light box experiment.

light box experiment: lemon poppyseed thins

as part of my quest to take better pix, i've made a DIY light box with some white foamcore & a lamp. now comes the hard part of figuring out what camera settings work best & what direction to shine the light.

it would probably help the whole learning process if i remembered to take notes on all of the settings i used for each of the photos & what direction the light was shining.

instead, i pushed buttons, snapped photos & swung that lamp around like there was no tomorrow. my notes are a big guess.


(because nothing doesn't say the holidays like lemon) these are Lemon Poppyseed Cookies (Martha Stewart).

this is a high-maintenance, super-soft dough to work with, but the cookies are worth it -- crisp, light & packing a tart punch.


1) don't try to roll the dough into balls. use 2 spoons & plop a blob of dough into the sugar. use your spoon to roll the dough around in the sugar, coating all sides. drop the sugar-coated dough onto the cookie sheet. <-- use silpats if you have them.
2) smash the cookies gently with the bottom of a glass to 1/4" thickness.
3) start checking for doneness at 9 minutes.