Sunday, December 14, 2008

tinkertoy yarn swift.


i found some used tinkertoys on ebay for a good price & put together this yarn swift. Thanks to Of Rats and Jen for the directions.

tinkertoy swift

it's a brilliant idea & i love that you can easily alter the arms to fit whatever size skein you're trying to wind and the whole thing packs back up in the tinkertoy tin for compact storing.

i wound 3 skeins of yarn easily on the new swift-- prep work for my upcoming holiday travel knitting project.

the beanie should have been done a few weeks ago, & in fact i did finish it thanksgiving week. but i made a huge mistake when i modified the pattern to suit my particular "design" needs & didn't discover the error until i'd finished the beanie & put it on.

it was a total rookie move, too.

anyway, i ended up frogging it & starting over.
so much for speedy gratification.