Sunday, January 04, 2009

pillowy soft.

i had a wonderful, tropical christmas with my family & a happy new year in los angeles with dennis the menace & our friends.

coming home after 3 weeks of exciting travel has left me speechless. i've been so many places that i don't know where i am right now, plus i don't want to ruin the amazingness of the last 3 weeks by talking about it, so i'll begin 2009 with the following travel recommendation for y'all:

i picked up a holiday cold & a back-to-back air descent was excruciatingly painful. & by 'excruciatingly painful' i mean head in a brain-squeezing vise & searing hot pokers shoved into sinuses & ear tubes.

aside from unrelenting pain & pressure, i couldn't hear out of 1 ear. but Mack's silicone ear plugs saved the day for the rest of my air travel & actually the rest of my vacation, because had i not discovered the ear plug trick for equalizing pressure, i might have spent the last bit of my vacation dealing with an awful ear infection.

i will never travel without them & you shouldn't either.

they block out a surprising amount of noise too, which makes for a happier flight.

happy new year, everybody!