Friday, February 27, 2009

expert advice.

i called in an expert re the silver shirt & he said:
Pearls. Lots of pearls, and wear them on the inside of the shirt.

i wasn't sure about that, but then again i'm not a stylist. so i went home & pulled out my pearls. i have 2 strands-- a 16" strand of small freshwater pearls & a 35" strand of really nice, larger faux pearls that my mom got for me about 20 years ago.

i put them on with the shirt (doubling up the 35" strand) & you know what? he was dead on about the pearls with that shirt.

i need a couple more strands & what i wouldn't give for a strand of of chanel faux pearls, but i'll be hunting ebay for estate sale finds instead.

pearls offered by AIC AKI International Corp.