Sunday, February 08, 2009

the hint of argyle.

i've been laid up with major back issues since thursday. the whole mess started on tuesday & i should have taken the rest of the week off from powerwalking just to be on the safe side, but i figured the best thing to do would be to walk it off.

well that didn't work at all & by thursday i was in so much pain it was making me nauseous.

i spent all day friday & the better part of saturday flat on the floor with pillows under my knees, feeling miserable & sorry for myself because i absolutely hate being forced to sit still, especially when it means i'm losing 2 days of physical activity outdoors.

i did make a dent in the february vest knit-along-thing- awkwardly knitting semi-upside down.

i got the bottom ribbing done & created 1 argyle.

5 more argyles to go by the end of february.

nooooo problem.