Sunday, February 01, 2009


there is light at the end of the tunnel for the holiday knitting project.

i finished all the knitting, tried it on & it was too big.

well alrighty then.

i found this tutorial for machine-stitching new side seams by CHIC Knits & avoided trying it for what i felt was an appropriate amount of time (because of the part where you take the handknitted garment, that you spent hours working on, & go at it with a pair of scissors).

here's my abbreviated step by step:

1) turn your handknit inside out. use another garment for your template & pin to your hand-knitted garment.

downsizing handknitted vest

2) machine-sewn seam. finished seam is 3 rows of stitching along the outside edge of your template- 2 straight stitch + 1 zig-zag.

downsizing handknitted vest

3) cut off the excess

downsizing handknitted vest

there was a moment of terror when i started cutting because i was convinced the whole sweater was going to unravel like a fuse to dynamite.

it didn't. & it seems ok, but i need to wear it a couple of times without it unraveling on my person before i can admit that it worked.

currently, i'm weaving in the ends from all that striping.

it's taking forever.

the downside to striping.