Thursday, April 23, 2009


i call total b.s. on this story.

a lot of people i know tend to accept parking tickets as part of life in sf, but i am probably more meticulous about avoiding them because i'm on a strict budget & can't afford to shell out $50 for a ticket or worse - the fees for getting towed (trust me, it's not cheap).

the new 1st & 3rd week cleaning schedule seemed to me just another confusing layer of complication about parking in this city. ex: try figuring out whether or not you need to move your car on any given week if the month started on wednesday & you parked your car in a tuesday spot on a monday evening & then later in the week you parked in a thursday spot on a wednesday evening. maybe i'm just an idiot, but i have to consult my blackberry calendar when i park my car in the evening, which is absurd, especially when i feel lucky to have found any spot to park in, period.

my theory is that MUNI is making a mint off the 1st & 3rd week of the month cleaning schedule & i think i can back this up. i'm out there powerwalking almost every day & there's always a whole line of cars on the street cleaning days with the annoying DPT tix flapping in the breeze because people obviously got confused about whether or not it was the 1st or 3rd M,T,W,T,F of the month.

total B.S. i say.

it's easier for me to move my car as if the old schedule was still in place - every M,T,W,T,F is a street cleaning day.