Thursday, June 04, 2009

here's all my bias tape.

bias tape saga.

i couldn't figure out to turn the parallelogram into a twisted tube (see: step 7.) in order to produce one continuous strip of bias tape with just a few snips.

so i had to do it the other way: cutting & sewing together a million individual bias strips at right angles.

this is just the first half of the bias tape making process.

what i hate most about making bias tape is drawing the bias cutting lines on the fabric, & this is something you have to do no matter what process you use. what i need is one of those old school wooden yardsticks that i can just slap down on the fabric & draw the entire line at once, instead of trying to link together many smaller measurements in a straight line.

do they even make yardsticks anymore? i haven't seen one of those in ages.

mom had one.