Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Chris Benz (Resort 2010); Christian Dior (Fall 2009 Couture)

i haven't posted about fashion in awhile. just taking a breather to get some other things accomplished while i wait for SS 2010 RTW.

perusing runway shots without any particular need to talk about them is working well for me these days, although i got busy & missed resort 2010 with the exception of Chris Benz (the colormaster). because you've got to make time for your favorites.

i might as well sneak these in while i'm thinking about it.


today, *j asked if i'd seen photos from the pants/top-less Dior couture show.

putting aside the pants/top-lessness (whole other discussion that everyone else is having), the individual lingerie & clothing pieces are stunningly made & as a person newly addicted to draping, i'm over the moon. i think *j describes the feel of this collection best:
i like that it looks a little like what little girls put together when they play dress-up. all the best things in one outfit, and in whatever order.

these bubble hems are what i was trying to achieve (even i have to haha about that) with the skirt reconstruct before i ran out of fabric in the back & failed.

& my god, the hats!

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dior, dior, dior.