Thursday, July 09, 2009

colorful fogs of positive nonsense.

cintra wilson exhausts me a little, but i have to give her high marks for the phrase "colorful fogs of positive nonsense" in this article about Agyness Deyn--
She comes off as genuinely sweet, sunny and slightly dim, her punkette look the thinnest candy coating over an interior filled primarily with airy, whipped pink goo and nuvo-hippie, gestalt-y wow-ness. But this dimness, I suspect, is strategic. I’ve seen this before; actresses sometimes evade answering questions by obfuscating them in colorful fogs of positive nonsense. It is understandable: actual information limits the ability to be all things to all people, so vagaries protect the brand. But they also result in puzzling answers to relatively simple questions.

--because it is awesome.