Thursday, July 09, 2009

i'll say it is.

Burly Spun

i'm going to chicago next week to hook up with my family, and then we're heading to Culver to see the niece & nephew at camp.

i can't travel without a knitting project in my bag. i am (let's just say) "impatient" in airports & on planes. there's only so much reading i can do & besides, i can't stand the thought of producing nothing for 6 or 7 hours.

i was going to take the argyle vest & finish it, but there's not enough knitting left to last 2 airports & planes, & the finishing involves steeking which is probably not something i want to address (for the first time ever) on an airplane.

so i'm taking some #13s & the burly spun with me & whipping up one or two of these.

the inspiration for this project is a neckwarmer in a store window down the street. the shop features some of my favorite japanese designers & their window styling always gets my attention. i keep meaning to snap some photos of their windows but i'm always in too much of a hurry in my neighborhood for strolling with a camera. i can only stroll in someone else's neighborhood, usually in another state.

anyway, the skeins are huge. i see cramming.