Sunday, July 12, 2009

simplicity 3714 (muslin) - alterations.

vintage blouse and jumper pattern - 1940s

gaping armholes.

i honestly didn't have a clue what to do next, but figured it would involve strategically placed darts on the bodice.

that didn't work at all, but taking the side seams in under the arms did without throwing anything else out of whack. i was greatly relieved, because bust or shoulder darts would've meant pulling off all the bias tape & there was just no way in hell i was going to do that. yes, this is the muslin, but i would rather sew a whole new muslin, altering as i go & then applying bias tape, than deal with the bias tape twice on this one.

i ended up taking in about 2 1/2" under the arms. the sides seams are very shaped, so i laid the pattern piece on the fabric & went at it with a ruler, chalk & pencils & multiple bastings till i got it right.

simplicity 3714 (muslin) - armhole alteration

now the left side. of course i'd already put in the zipper on that side.

the zipper placement was originally in the middle of the side seam. i didn't particularly like where it was, because i had to struggle to get the jumper over my shoulders. so i figured while i was at it i'd move the zipper up. combined with taking in & reshaping the side seam, this was a lot harder than i thought it would be, but i finally got everything adjusted & the zipper in. i still need to add a hook & eye closure at the top.

zipper moved.

what's left is a lot of handsewing, hemming & finishing all the seams (i don't have a serger). i'm also going to look for some trim for the neckline to cover up my subpar bias tape work.

simplicity 3714 (muslin) - bodice front.