Monday, August 31, 2009

the 99¢ breakfast jack.

i don't really do fast food save for in 'n out on the west coast or white castles when i go to chicago. i've managed to stay jack-in-the-box free for 18 years until this last trip to LA when dennis the menace got me hooked on the 99¢ breakfast jack.

i expected to see either a perfect egg puck like the Egg McMuffin or the pale unnatural yellow of powdered scrambled egg product, but instead there was a bona fide fried egg in the middle of the breakfast jack + a slice of ham, a slice of cheese & it was all melded together on a soft hamburger bun.

as an added bonus, i later discovered that webMD proclaims the breakfast jack one of the healthier fast food breakfast options.

Jack in the Box: Better Bets
Take your pick and enjoy a Breakfast Jack (290 calories, 12 g fat, 4.5 g saturated fat, 760 mg sodium and 1 g fiber) sandwich with a slice of ham, cheese and an egg, or for a few more fat calories, make it a Bacon Breakfast Jack (300 calories, 14 g fat, 5 g saturated fat, 728 mg sodium, and 1 g fiber).

not that i needed a bonus, O fried-egg-ham-&-melty-cheese-on-a-bun. also, i love saying breakfast jack.

i don't think we have jack-in-the-box in san francisco, or if we do i've never seen one. maybe in the tourist areas that i avoid. i'll have to wait for the next trip to vegas or LA.

coming back from LA is always hard. i have to go through being homesick all over again. d the m is trying to lure me back to LA for labor day weekend. we can't afford it, but no matter. this morning he brought out the big guns: a text message that said you know you want to followed by a photo of

the 99&cent breakfast jack.

the 99¢ breakfast jack.

this weekend, the heat was awful. still, i managed the laundry, errands, long workout (hills) (screw the heat) & an impromptu visit to the cheap fabric store.

i was very pleasantly surprised to discover the store had received a much-needed reorganization. i bought 2 yards of brown mystery fabric (brushed cotton with elastic?) for $8 + a 79¢ zipper & a yard of brown & blue plaid lining for $2.

I sewed a simple skirt from a Built by Wendy pattern & aside from the time it took for alterations (lengthened the front darts, reshaped the side seams), it came together pretty fast. i wore it to work today & it fits really well. i now have a go-to skirt pattern & i want to make a couple more of these in suiting fabric.

front of skirt with lengthened darts

back of skirt

back darts & zipper


in other news, my admiration for the Quiller novels continues:
The Striker Portfolio by Adam Hall
"We will wait," the big man said. He looked as if he'd waited all his life at some bus stop where the road was closed.