Sunday, October 04, 2009


sewing is on pause for now. first vegas, then a cousin rolled into town this weekend & another cousin is coming here on Wednesday.

went to citizen cake for brunch. just as i was wondering how often E. Falkner visits her own restaurant, she skipped down the steps.

so that answers that.

i've been searching for these alfredo bannister wedges ever since i saw them at tiny toadstool. she's selling them now in her etsy shop but they are 1 size too small. damn!

since i don't have time to focus on a sewing or knitting project right now, i decided to knit some dishcloths.

the knitting was boring & the finished product is ugly, so there's just the 1 dishcloth:

it's fall, but i really got turned around by those nevada temps in the 100s.