Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Upside Down Hazelnut Banana Cake.

Upside Down Hazelnut Banana Cake.

recipe by Gale Gand.

This was really good. Gale Gand good.

As I've mentioned before, I can't seem to find a banana bread recipe I like. I had some more ripe bananas, so I thought I'd go a totally different way instead of wasting more perfectly fine ripe bananas on yet another awful banana bread recipe.


Her instructions say to "cover the bottom of the cake pan with some of the warmed hazelnut schmear". The full recipe for schmear yields 2 cups which seemed like a lot, so I decided to halve it and make just a cup.

While I'm not sure 2 cups of schmear is necessary, I also don't think 1 cup was enough. I will definitely make this again, but use more of the schmear and I might even bake this in a 10" round, for a cake that is less tall.