Sunday, January 10, 2010

we have pants.

Picnik collage2 holga

presenting version #xx? of the eva dress 1945 trousers. the fit still needs some work, but i think i'm getting close. i've never had a pair of pants that fit well, so that's what's behind my obsession with getting the pattern right. i'm hoping to come out of all this with a workable pants sloper to use in creating any style pants i want.

the next step is to buy some cheap wool suiting fabric, something with a little less drape than the fabric i used for these, & give it another go.


1) the pants weren't long enough to accommodate a 3-fold cuff (1.25" per fold), so i had to attach extra fabric to the bottoms to make the cuffs. i'll need to adjust the pattern for this.

2) the waist needs to be taken in another 2". i'll try to accomplish this by adjusting the back darts & see what happens.

3) i had to redraft the original waistband pattern piece because it came up short when i was attaching it to the pants waist. i also wanted an extension flap for the buttonhole, so i added some length for that. after i take the waist in another 2", i'll remeasure the waistband piece.

4) the vertical line in the front still needs to be shortened another 2" & the vertical line at the back needs to be shortened another 1 3/4". that's a total of 7" vertical inches removed from the original pattern pieces, so you can imagine how low the crotch was to begin with.

muslin: eva dress 1945 trousers 16a