Monday, February 15, 2010

37 bottles of beer on wall. 37 bottles of beer. take one down, pass it around--


this weekend, i drafted & sewed 5 belt loops.


then i sewed 19 pewter screwhead buttons onto the dress using a bespoke method (combo of this & this). why a bespoke method? because it's the right way to sew a button (who knew?) it seemed like a great & noble idea for about 5 buttons (at 12-15 mins per button) but then i was over it. i almost wimped out & sewed the damn buttons on any which way just to get it over with, but i talked myself out of it.

pewter screwhead buttons

then i tried to make a belt. that went really badly. the rescue belt in the photo is just a thin piece of fabric that will have to suffice until i can find a skinny pewter-colored belt to replace it on ebay or etsy.

lastly, i dealt with the hem. i'm embarrassed to say how long it took me to cut the excess fabric off, even the edge & then apply bias tape to it. there were no directions for going around the kick pleat (which by the way is miniscule & looks weird because i had to chop off about 10 inches from the bottom of the skirt), so i had to do some thinking there. while i was at it, i reinforced the seam at the top of the pleat because i know me-- one exuberant jog down a flight of steps & the pleat seam's a goner.

what's left? i didn't do buttonholes on the front placket, because i just know i'd mangle the front trying to button all those buttons & end up looking like something the cat dragged in before i've even left the house. so i need to sew some snaps in there.

i also have to hand stitch the hem & there are a few other things left to do but i forgot what they are. i have to bake a cake for C's birthday tomorrow & get a run in before the sun sets.

--36 bottles of beer on the wall.