Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mike's Pizza Dough.

this is the one.

the crust was full of flavor, crispy on the outside, hole-y on the inside. exactly what i was looking for. i still have to work on my baking temps/times for thicker crust pizzas, but the thin crust turned out great.

general note: set the oven to 500, throw the pie in, drop the temp to 450.

here's a hunk of chicken tikka pizza with raita. i baked this pie after dark, so no natural light to photo well. i cheated & bought the tikka. don't overdo the sauce. just spread a thin layer of it on the dough & then distribute the chicken evenly. i topped with just a scattering of mozzarella & baked for 13-15 minutes.

served with a dollop of cold raita- so good. if you have not had chicken tikka pizza, you need to go get some soon.

thin crust pizza from scratch - chicken tikka with raita

today i wanted to try a thicker crust pizza & here's where i ran into problems. thicker crust needs more time to bake obviously, but then you run into overdone cheese.

here's pie #1 (mozzarella & red onion) baked for 16-17 minutes - crust golden brown & crispy on the outside, nice & hole-y on the inside, cheese way overdone

thick crust pizza from scratch - mozarella, red onion

here's pie#2 (fresh mozzarella, red onion & basil) baked for 14-15 minutes. cheese is perfect, crust a little too pale

thick crust pizza from scratch - fresh basil & mozzarella

i still have the other half of the dough in my freezer, so in a few weeks or so, i'll do some more testing. i need to get all my notes together & then once i figure out my baking times i'll post the recipe.