Sunday, May 02, 2010

Day 1.

Miss Burton & I struggled right out of the gate.  I sustained a small injury & everything stopped while I went to Walgreen's for band-aids & neosporin.

Once the wound was tended to, I set to work sewing some scrap fabric, checking all the stitch lengths & tension settings. Sewing Machine Steve sent along a stitch sample and all of his stitches-- straight, zig-zag & at all varying lengths were perfect.  I, on the other hand, could not get a straight stitch because Miss Burton likes to go fast & throw the fabric around.

At one point, I thought i was having a tension issue so I decided to try stitching at both ends of the tension dial to compare. Except that I turned the tension dial too far in one direction and unleashed the whole tension assembly.


5 pieces in all, including a spring which shot the pieces out onto the floor so that there was no hope of knowing what the right order was supposed to be for proper reassembly.

I gave it the old college try anyway (no time like the present to learn how my new mechanical machine works) but failed miserably. once again, the www saved me with a diagram of a tension assembly (phew).  See especially: Fig. 22.

That was enough drama for one day. Today was a little better. I achieved some even stitches.


(That Miss Burton sure is touchy.)