Monday, June 21, 2010

Simplicity 5679 c. 1973.

Simplicity 5679 c. 1973

This is the dress I'm working on (view 2). It's one of the vintage patterns that Anj sent me from Oregon. The front and back of dress is completed and I finished all the seams with the overcasting foot. I also put together the lining.

I decided to go with the handpicked zipper again because I really liked that technique & I don't want to stretch out this linen while I'm struggling with the zipper foot.

I stabilized it with interfacing and pinned it in

hand picked zipper, stabilized with interfacing

Here's the front. So much easier to do this by hand. Everything is nice and flat.

hand picked zipper pinned

after i sew the zipper in, i'm going to attempt the quick-lining technique from Threads magazine.