Thursday, July 08, 2010

macbook sleeve.


i'm going to vegas next week. dennis the menace is having heart surgery, which will hopefully fix the faulty valve that sent him to the ER a few years back. please keep your fingers crossed for him!

i'm taking my macbook with me. it's the first time i'm travelling with it & i need a sleeve. as i'm currently broke from buying a "new" car (2007 RAV4 = love) i decided to make my own.

i looked at various patterns, but it was the DIY instructions by that caught my eye, plus sambot is damn entertaining.

i used a leg from an old pair of jeans plus some orange batik fabric i bought at britex maybe 7 years ago that i never did find a use for.

this was a quick & dirty project that i needed to get done ASAP, so i didn't totally follow sam bot's instructions. it's not lined with cushiony soft sweatshirt fabric, i handsewed sewed a cuff over the edge to give the outside some style & to show off the vintage bakelite buttons from iowa, i did not take the time to use the bespoke method for sewing buttons, etc. etc.


but i really like how it turned out, especially since it only took me about an hour or so to put together on the fly.

i'd like to say that i will probably make another one later on, something a little more refined with a proper write-up for the instructions, but i doubt it.

then again, you never know.