Monday, September 20, 2010

ruler graveyard.

design ruler graveyard

i've had it with plastic/acrylic rulers. this weekend i broke my hip/neck/armhole curve. it was just one in a series of cracked, broken & bent rulers. there was also a situation where i left one too close to the wall heater.

part of the problem is that i'm working in a very small space & often on the floor, so i'm always stepping on them as i make my way over to the sewing machine. these things are expensive, about $15-20 apiece, & because i use them all the time i have no choice but to spend more money to replace them.

i decided it's high time i went aluminum. i bought a set of 3 Fairgate rulers. i'm sure they aren't indestructible, but hopefully they'll stop the cash bleeding for awhile.