Sunday, November 28, 2010

i ate grasshoppers.

crispy grasshoppers with chili & lime.

no, seriously.

squeeze of lime & some chili pepper & you're good to go.

texture was like crispy chicken skin. socal girl said it tasted like a cooked band-aid, but the rest of us thought they were, you know, kind of savory & just a little salty.

dennis the menace & his cousin were daring each other to try the more pale, plump ones. socal girl & i, on the other hand, went looking for the crispiest most darkest brown ones on the plate. you definitely don't want a rare one.

the only other thing i can say is don't think about what it is you're eating, especially not the legs, & for the love of bob, don't look at it.

i ate 3 of them. i don't know why because 1 was certainly enough.

ah LA.