Monday, January 24, 2011

misc #34.

I made Butter Chicken from scratch

butter chicken

and buttermilk cupcakes

lowfat buttermilk cupcakes

because the waist facing I'm adding to the self-drafted skirt is giving me fits. Here it is interfaced with a light denim fabric scrap.
So far so good.

waistline facing

The problems started when I attempted to attach it to the skirt lining.

waist facing attached to skirt lining

It may look OK in the photo but trust me, it's a total mess in places. To be fair, it's not the facing that's the problem it's my sewing machines. If it's not one thing it's another. Am I asking too much of my machine to just sew a straight stitch without getting all caught up in the lining material? Tangling/breaking the threads? Jamming up the bobbin case? TOTALLY WRECKING THE BEAUTIFUL BEMBERG LINING FABRIC?

Seriously, I could've hand sewn the facing to the lining, the lining to the skirt & then hand picked the zipper in far less time than it's taken me to try to machine stitch a facing to a lining. In fact, I'm so at my wits end with these machines I'm going to do just that so I can be done with it.

As for the Butter Chicken - I've always wanted to make it at home. I used a combo of recipes and only 1/2 cup of butter went into this dish instead of the traditional ridiculous amount. It still needs a little tweaking, but all in all it was really good.