Monday, September 05, 2011

The Death Shawl.


In early August, I went to Sea Ranch on the Sonoma Coast. We rented a house up there for a week and it was heaven. I could've used another 3 weeks of peace & quiet.

I decided to try knitting a shawl with some lacework. It was a lot of fun with the exception of the first 4 rows of the feather and fan border which nearly drove me insane, which is why everyone nicknamed it "The Death Shawl".

needs blocking

It still needs to be blocked, but life is moving very fast for me these days and frankly it was either block the shawl or take the photos.

There was no cell service at all up at Sea Ranch, which was great. When we got back into town a week later & my phone started going off with the buzzing & the ringing I wanted to throw it out the window. Instead, I changed all my ring tones so nothing sounds the same as it did before I went to Sea Ranch. It's the best I could do.