Monday, July 21, 2008

new trend, insert season.

as i discovered this spring when i was rejecting gladiator sandals left & right, every day there's a new/"new" trend for whatever fashion season is coming up. i think the fashiony people have interns who spend all day poring over collections & picking out the similarities that i never see so they can tell you in august what the new trend for fall is & then when fall arrives they can tell you something else either because the first trend didn't pan out like they thought it would or just for sport.

for AW08/09, fashion is going to be '80s-heavy with neon details, bloomy pants with big belts & (god help us) acid wash. this is worse than the annually brand new gladiator sandals trend. so far, i've only seen 1 reference to shoulder pads & it was a bit of a stretch but there's still plenty of time for that whole thing to mutate into something awful or not, as the case may be. again - i did not see any of this when i looked through the fall 08 runways this past spring, but what do i know.

aside from interns, the fashiony people have pictures of all the collections before i get to see them, if i get to see them, ie Marni Resort 2009. there's this--

from fashion week daily

i'm still wondering where the rest of "Merry Marni" is.

& another thing - i'll bet you a million bucks that at least some of the fashiony people have a picture of Oscar D's design sketch for the ruby slippers, while i am stuck with betsey johnson's sketch.

i'm a fashion hack, so you will not be seeing a thoughtfully put-together '80s-inspired fashion collage here.

i will probably see "Marni Resort 2009" in the form of belts or sunglasses on sale at next November 2009 & if i'm extremely lucky i will eventually find a non-zoomable thumbnail of Oscar D's ruby slipper design long after the whole exhibit is done with.

also, i just realized that i have many hours of baking coming up & this is going to be timed perfectly with Fashion Indie Week Brooklyn & New York Fashion week. this is not the best case scenario.

you'll just have to trust me that the fashiony people are saying that '80s fashion is back for fall, until fall arrives & people are forced to put their gladiator sandals back in the closet.