Sunday, July 20, 2008

the plain white cardigan (continued).

the white cardigan 012a

white cardigan felted and blocked 003a

i blocked the plain white cardigan a couple of weeks ago & the yarn (wool of the andes) didn't really tighten up at all. the sweater felt hang-y & stretchy like cotton yarn, & this is the very reason i don't knit with cotton yarn - because it will not retain its shape at all. i envisioned the sweater hanging down to my knees by the end the day, so i decided to felt it a little in the hot wash. this shrunk it up & gave the fabric some more stability.

the cardigan is cropped now, but that's ok. i have a rather voluminous super-high-waisted skirt that reminds me of skirts by several of the japanese designers i've been following & i think this will go perfect with it.

i also washed the sculpey buttons i made for this sweater & they survived soap & water just fine.

once the cardigan is dry i can sew the buttons on, but even that will take some thinking. i'm on the fence about whether or not i want the front to be completely closed or if i should give it an asian flair with open space between the button bands and toggles hooking them together.

white cardigan felted and blocked 023a