Wednesday, August 20, 2008

misc #5.

things are busier than i know what to do with & most of it has nothing to do with baking & fashion. but in the background, i am constantly reading & ISO it all:

baby-friendly yarn research for handknit baby thing for studio wellspring, who is due in october.

acrylic is a no-no because it's not flame retardant, so it's got to be wool or cotton. cotton colors are boring, so i'm going with superwash wool & hoping the baby doesn't break out in hives.

wish me luck, because i have never knit a single thing for a baby.

also, studio wellspring hates pink & i hate all pastels, so i will be thinking outside the box colorwise on this one. or that's the plan, anyway.

st. louis gooey butter cake.

i had some of this in chicago & the recipe is going right in my baking queue for whenever a window of time opens up for baking.

photo by daisylover83 at Flickr

Duct Tape Dress Form.

i need one of these for fitting my sweater projects because it's too hard to fit a sweater on a flat surface & even harder trying pin up the pieces on myself in front of a mirror where everything is a reverse effort.


i gave the DIY Duct Tape Dress Form a test run with my cousins, both of whom are experienced sewers. it turned out fab & there are pictures of each of the steps, but i haven't had the chance to organize them all & turn them into a proper blog post, so here's a glimpse for the meantime:

DIY dress form 025a

DIY dress form 054a

now i need to find some people with 1 1/2 hours on their hands to wrap me in duct tape so i can have one.

volunteers, por favor?

Bryan Boy in the Lanvin shirt.

i fell in love with the Lanvin shirt when he first posted it, but now he's put it together for an ensemble that is nothing short of fabulous right down to the metallic gold kicks.

also in the baking queue.

orange brownies by The Recipe Girl

vintage button search for the sweater i'm knitting for a friend

it's not easy finding buttons to match my yarns, because the yarn colors i choose are not so obvious. there's always some level of subtlety going on (or 20 levels of subtlety going on) that makes solid color buttons look cartoonish. so i get a little obsessed with finding the right buttons, almost to the point where the buttons are more important than the knitting.

i've been searching for buttons for this particular project for a few months & i think i finally found the ones--