Tuesday, September 02, 2008

sweater design experiment.

sweater design experiment2.

this is one of the experiments that was on the needles.

it's a shaped sweater with set-in sleeves, knit in 5 separate pieces.

since this was an experiment in sweater design, i used clearance sock yarn. it took *forever* to knit & i started to hate it after about a month.

i finally finished knitting all the pieces & this past weekend, i set the sleeves in (a first for me with knitwear) & sewed up the side seams.

& you know what? the damn sweater is *still* not done. i have to knit edging all the way around, including around the neck & add button bands, with buttonholes (another first for me).

i learned many things from this experiment, not the least of which is that i don't ever want to handknit something with lace weight yarn ever-ever again. the only way you will catch me using lace weight yarn is on a knitting machine because i do not have the patience to spend 3+ months hand-knitting 1 flipping sweater.

even though it was an experiment, i'd hoped to be able to wear it eventually.

but unless something miraculous happens when i add the buttonbands & trim, i will not be wearing the sweater.

because (& i feel really bad saying this) --

the poor thing is just ugly.