Monday, October 13, 2008


grey + jungle cardi 33b

this sweater is a dupe of one i knitted for myself awhile back. it was knit on request for a friend who liked mine.

she chose the colors - grey & green & i found the perfect vintage button for it after an exhaustive search.

knitting for someone else requires a different thought process. if i knit something for myself i can just jerry-rig things to get them to work. (i confess i do that a lot) it's not the most sound approach, but it doesn't really matter because if it starts to fall apart later on, i can just fix it. but if i knit something for someone else it literally has to be ready to wear.

so this sweater is more structurally sound than mine. to eliminate the bulkiness of seams under the arms, i knitted the sleeves in the round. i also knitted a buttonhole into the button band. i tested 3 different kinds of buttonholes & chose the one-row buttonhole for best stability, because the vintage button is so big & the manos yarn (green) stretches a lot. it should have good staying power, even after multiple wearings & washings.

now i'm off to block it for a "professional finish".