Sunday, November 02, 2008

3 pairs of pants.

i used to hate window shopping, because what's the point if you can't afford to buy?

but i've totally come around to the concept.

here are 3 pairs of Martin Margiela trousers i found while window-shopping on ebay.

they all went in my imaginary shopping bag.
paid for with my imaginary money.

Martin Margiela Line 1
Wool/cashmere trousers with powder coated "undone belt" detail
offered by ebay seller busypant

Martin Margiela Line 4 REPLICA (reproduction of found garments)
Pleated evening trousers
offered by ebay seller nycalamode

Martin Margiela Line 1
Silk staple pant
offered by ebay seller nycalamode

i thought i was on the fence about these, but i guess not because i keep going back to them. i'm still not sure about those side seams, but staples on silk is rad.