Sunday, November 02, 2008

state of suspension until the election is over with.

waistband/skirt alterations

doing lots of reading & continuing to work on vogue 8425.

i redid the darts on the skirt because i thought they should be a little shorter. & since i took in the skirt by way of 2 darts, i also had to take in the waistband so that when i sewed it to the skirt everything would match up. this was trial & error again (i've spent so much time with my seam ripper on this project that it's completely dull) with the best result being 2 straight seams added to the left & right side-back pieces of the waistband.

lastly, i sewed the waistband to the skirt & since i had to match 8 seams (EIGHT!) i basted first. all of the seams matched pretty well on the basting attempt, so i made the stitching permanent.

the photo above shows the back & side-back seams. the most center seam on the waistband is the straight-seam alteration i was talking about & the seam below it is actually one of the darts on the skirt.

i've managed to do without an ironing board for many years, but they're pretty necessary for sewing projects-- there's only so far you can go on a flat table. i covered a shoe box with a towel to see if i could get at the darts & other tricky places that way, but it was only marginally helpful. i really need to give the skirt a good pressing before i put the lining in, so i'll probably ask the neighbors if they have one (although something tells me they don't.)

times like this i wished i lived in a house in suburbia, with a big dining room table for sewing & a *laundry room* with plenty of space to set up and store an ironing board.

dennis the menace has a laundry room, but it's 600 miles away.