Friday, November 21, 2008

just sayin.

the only way to ensure that you get a piece of classic pumpkin pie for thanksgiving is to stay home & put the pie on the table yourself.

the *modern twist on a thanksgiving classic* & non-traditional thanksgiving desserts have been gaining ground for years. there's usually a lone pumpkin pie, but i've noticed it tends to be placed at the back of the dessert table, behind all the other shiny desserts.

funny thing is though-- people *love* the pumpkin pie. i have personally negotiated myself all the way across some of the most amazing dessert tables ever to bring the pumpkin pie to the front so i can get a slice of it & as soon as that first slice is out of the tin, the pumpkin pie disappears in seconds flat.

there were a couple of thanksgivings when i missed out on pumpkin pie because i did not get to the dessert table fast enough, but i am dead set on having my pumpkin pie this year so dennis the menace ordered one for me in LA. we'll pick it up when we get there.

pumpkin piiiiiie!