Sunday, November 23, 2008

recipe = fail.

chai cookies with cranberry apple & pumpkin butters.

honestly, i waste so much time. i had it in my head that i was bringing molasses spice cookies to LA, but i decided to switch it up.

these are chai cookies with cranberry apple & pumpkin butters. you can't taste the chai & they they are not delicious otherwise, so i'll be bringing molasses spice cookies. there's 2 hours of my life that i'll never get back.

several times this weekend, i was reminded of why i hate sewing -- the more i sew, the dumber i get.

i got the skirt lining in. it only took me the whole entire weekend, by hey. then i started on the dreaded zipper. i swear to you that before i started on the zipper i read everything i could get my hands on in terms of linings & zippers & you're supposed to sandwich the zipper in between the lining & the skirt.

there is no way in hell i can get at the zipper opening to baste it shut because the lining is in the way, so i had to rip part of the lining out & by that point i was so disgusted that i put the project away.

you know how they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing?

like that.

in between, the beanie is coming right along.

chai cookie with cranberry.