Monday, November 17, 2008

Piers Atkinson SS09.

this follows-up a post i made about London milliner Piers Atkinson. i've been watching out for photos of the "weird and wonderful balaclavas" knitted by Granny Vera for his SS09 collection.

as before, i am utterly fascinated & humored by his work.

i'm trying to imagine an 80-year old granny knitting up these balaclavas, or the 80-year old granny who knit them up: who is knitting Vera; how were these knitted up; (is she on ravelry?); how does he know her; (i should search ravelry)

Source: all photos: Piers Atkinson
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Wool balaclava with hair-do

faux fur and stuffing

Silvered leather, suede and quills

Wool balaclava in white

& then there's 'The Empress of Everything'