Sunday, November 16, 2008

CdG for H&M. SF Launch.


C & i arrived at H&M at 9:50 & we were late because they'd opened the doors at 9:45.

just 5 minutes after opening, the racks were all but empty. it was an orderly chaos of mostly men (& men in makeup) plus a small but noticeable contingent of very stylish older women with cropped grey hair & some of the most fabulous eyewear i have ever seen. totally absent: marina fashionistas.


somehow, C got ahold of the velvet-bodice dress with the scalloped hem & went to try it on--

-- while i walked around & took pictures of the armloads of clothes.


i saw plenty of polka dots over the arms, but none of the pieces i went there to see-

& especially this deconstructed jacket (it was in the display window, there was a glare)

photos: nitrolicious

i bet those pieces were gone in an instant. buried alive at the bottom of the armloads.

the dress didn't fit, so C & i left. C asked if i wanted to take a picture of the display window where, just 30 minutes after they'd opened, an H&M employee was sticking 's o l d o u t' on the window.


how i ended up back in the store & how i subsequently scored this 3-button (satin-covered, with piping detail over the pockets) blazer in my size (it's the perfect length & cut for my body shape), can only be described as serendipitous.

& what makes this one of my most satisfying purchases ever, is that i paid for the blazer with some money i received for knitting a sweater & i really need to take a minute to expand on this-- when i was doing custom cakes for pay it never ever went down like that. not even once. it was hours & hours of mostly unenjoyable work & i can't think of a single time that i ever got back what i put into it.

i've already thought of how i'm going to style it.